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What is the role of spinning oil?
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Spinning oil is an auxiliary agent used in the textile industry, its role is to play a lubricating and anti-static role in the textile processing process, thereby improving the quality of the yarn. At the same time, the spinning oil can also enhance the softness and strength of the yarn, and reduce the problems of yarn breakage and fuzz.

For example, spinning oil is usually a compound, the main components include lubricants, antistatic agents, stabilizers, etc.

Spinning oil is an additive used in the spinning process of fibers. The friction between fibers in the spinning process will cause the fibers to produce static electricity, hair and other undesirable phenomena, so it is necessary to add polyester spinning oil to improve these problems.

The role of spinning oil mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Lubrication: It can reduce friction, reduce wear between fibers, and improve yarn quality.

2. Antistatic effect: can make the fiber surface with negative charge, reduce the generation of electrostatic phenomenon, prevent yarn breakage, disorderly hair and other problems.

3. Stability: can improve the stability of the yarn, prevent aging, deterioration and other phenomena.

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