hair oil Si9514Q

Hair oil has good washing resistance. The processed fiber will not yellow or discolor after being washed many times, and will not affect the style.


Hair oil has soft, smooth, moisturizing, antistatic and other properties, and maintains good elasticity and gloss. After finishing the fabric/fiber, it can significantly improve its sewing properties, provide better smoothness and drape, and give the fiber a smooth, soft and smooth feel; hair oil has good wash resistance, and the processed fiber has been used for many times It does not yellow or discolor after washing with water, and does not affect the style; it has low yellowing, does not affect the color of the fiber, and has good rubbing fastness and sunlight fastness; 

It has good stability and compatibility, and can be used in other sunlight/non-toxic products. Used in combination with ionizing post-styling additives, it does not bleach oil and is a unique wig finishing silicone oil.

Scope of application, wide application

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