Polypropylene filament oil TS-J1770

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1. Overview of polypropylene filament oil:

Polypropylene filament oil has good smoothness, antistatic properties and cohesion. The oil agent has good wetting properties, even oiling and stable spinnability. Polypropylene filament oil is also suitable for the processing and weaving of 68D-2000D polypropylene pre-spun multifilament, textured yarn (including false twist and steam, air jet texturing, hollow fiber) and special-shaped yarn.

2. Performance indicators of polypropylene filament oil products:

1. Appearance: light yellow or colorless transparent liquid;

2. Effective substance: ≥90%;

3.PH value: 7~8 (1% aqueous solution);

4. Stability: 10% aqueous solution will not stratify when stored at 15-30°C for one week.

3. Characteristics and functions of polypropylene filament oil products:

1. Its solution has good stability, is non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, has no irritation to the skin and mucous membranes, and is safe to use.

2. Good smoothness and antistatic properties, less breakage of the draft yarn, less fuzz, and good luster of the draft yarn;

3. The cohesion is suitable, the winding drum is well formed, and the draft yarn has good unwinding properties;

4. Good heat resistance, strong oxidation resistance, no smoke or coking during hot drawing, and no yellowing of processed fibers;

5. Improve the balance and adjustment of fiber:

1) Increase the softness of the fiber and improve the feel of the product;

2) Improve the dust-proof and anti-wrinkle function of the product to ensure the whiteness of the fiber;

3) Improve the antioxidant properties of the product;

4) Improve the tensile and tensile strength of the fiber;

6. The agent has no corrosion to metal, and due to the high strength of the oil film, it has good lubrication for metal equipment;

4. How to use polypropylene filament oil:

Pour the measured amount of soft water into the kettle, slowly add the measured amount of oil while stirring, and stir for 30 minutes before use. The oil will become turbid when the temperature is low in winter and should be restored to transparency at room temperature before use. (If there is no soft water and tap water is used, the performance of the product will not be affected, but the oil will appear slightly turbid.)

1. Oil distribution temperature: 25-30℃;

2. Oil concentration used: 10~20%;

3. Fiber oil content: 1.0~2.0%.

5. Storage and packaging of polypropylene filament oil:

1. Packing: 200kg or 25kg plastic drum;

2. Storage: Indoor storage at 10~30℃.

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