Drawing oil,Dongguan Dow Nanometers Co., Ltd.,Spin oil,Cutting fluid,Guide oil,

TAO NANO Chemicals(Dongguan)Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production and sales of lubricants, thermal oils, nanochemical materials, daily chemical products and their additives, lubricant additives, textile oils (polypropylene pre-spinning oil, hair oil, polypropylene BCF Oil agent, polypropylene color-fixing oil agent, polypropylene filament oil agent, polyester oil agent) cleaning agent, surfactant, water-repellent softener and other goods are imported and exported. During the journey of cultivation, we have accumulated more than 20 years of practical experience. At the same time, together with the group company, we have gradually developed a group of high-quality teams, including more than ten doctoral experts, more than 50 professional technicians, and a management team of more than 100 people. The subsidiary factory covers a total area of about 60 acres.

  • 60Mu

    Subsidiary area

  • 5

    PhD expert

  • 10Mu

    Professional skill workers

  • 500K

    Annual lubricating oil production

Product Category

Adequate oil production

01 Adequate oil production

Advanced testing equipment

02 Advanced testing equipment

Drawing oil,Dongguan Dow Nanometers Co., Ltd.,Spin oil,Cutting fluid,Guide oil,

03 Professional R&D team

Convenient transportation

04 Convenient transportation

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