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How about Dow polypropylene prespinning agent?
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What are the advantages of polypropylene pre-spinning oil ?

The pre-spinning oil  of polypropylene fiber has good smoothness, antistatic property and adhesion property. The oil has good wettability, uniform oil application and stable spinnability. Polypropylene pre-spinning oil is also suitable for 68D-2000D polypropylene pre-spinning complex silk, deformed silk (including false twist and steam, air jet deformation, hollow fiber) and profiled silk processing and weaving.

Polypropylene pre-spinning oil product performance index:

1. Appearance: light yellow or colorless transparent liquid;

2. Effective substance: ≥90%;

3.PH value: 7 ~ 8 (1% aqueous solution);

4. Stability: 10% aqueous solution is stored at 15 ~ 30℃ for a week without stratification.

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