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What are the types of raw materials used in textile manufacturing?
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Textile materials refer to the raw materials used in textile manufacturing, including fibers, yarns and fabrics. There are many types of textile materials, which can be divided into natural fibers, chemical fibers and synthetic fibers according to different uses and characteristics. First of all, natural fibers refer to fibers derived from plants, animals and minerals, mainly including cotton, hemp, silk, wool and fish net fibers.

Cotton is one of the more common natural fibers, and its soft, hygroscopic and breathable properties make it an important raw material for textile manufacturing. Hemp fiber has good wear resistance and antibacterial properties, suitable for making summer clothing and household items. Silk is made from insect-secreted fibers such as silk or spider silk, which has shiny and soft characteristics and is widely used in high-end clothing and home accessories. Wool is a fiber cut from sheep that keeps warm and is suitable for winter clothing and blankets. Fishnet fiber is an environmentally friendly material made of discarded fishing nets and fishing gear, with good elasticity and wear resistance. Secondly, chemical fibers are fibers extracted from natural substances or synthesized by chemical methods, including two types of artificial fibers and synthetic fibers.

Man-made fibers mainly include rayon cotton, rayon silk and artificial cellulose, etc., with soft, hygroscopic, breathable characteristics, widely used in the manufacture of clothing and household goods. Synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon, acrylic and spandex, etc., with wear resistance, fade resistance, easy maintenance characteristics, suitable for the production of sports clothing and outdoor supplies.

Synthetic fiber refers to the fiber obtained by synthetic chemical method, which has excellent properties and a wide range of applications. For example, polyester is a commonly used synthetic fiber, with wear resistance, fade resistance, easy maintenance characteristics, suitable for making sportswear and outdoor goods. Nylon is a kind of synthetic fiber with high strength and good wear resistance, which is often used to make mountaineering equipment and outdoor supplies. Acrylic is a synthetic fiber with excellent elasticity and fading resistance, which is suitable for making swimsuits and sportswear. Spandex is a kind of synthetic fiber with good elasticity and softness, which is widely used in the manufacture of underwear and sportswear.

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