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What is the unique effect and function of spinning oil?
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Spinning oil refers to the oil used in the production and processing of chemical fiber to adjust the friction characteristics of fiber, prevent or eliminate the accumulation of static electricity, give the fiber smooth, soft and other characteristics, improve the fiber holding force, protect the fiber strength, reduce the broken rate to make the chemical fiber smoothly through the spinning, stretching, elastic spinning, weaving and other processes. In fact, natural fibers of cotton, wool, hemp, silk and other processing processes also need to use the corresponding oil agent. With the increasing variety of functional fabrics today, the variety of oils is also increasing.

Spinning oil is a special oil, mainly used for textile equipment lubrication in the textile industry. It has many unique functions and effects:

1. Quality fiber production

Spinning oil plays an important role in the textile industry and can effectively improve the quality of fibers. It can reduce the friction coefficient of the textile equipment, reduce the wear of the fiber, and improve the tensile property of the fiber during the spinning process, making the fiber more soft and uniform, so as to produce high-quality fiber.

2. Lubrication and protection

In textile equipment, friction is inevitable. Spinning oil can play a role in lubrication and protection, effectively reduce the friction of equipment, reduce energy consumption and noise. It can form a protective film during the operation of the textile equipment, reduce the contact between metal parts, and extend the service life of the equipment.

3. Improve production effect

The use of spinning oil can improve the operating efficiency of textile equipment, and thus improve the production efficiency. It can reduce equipment failures and downtime, maintain the normal operation of equipment, and improve the stability of the production line. In addition, the spinning oil also has the characteristics of rapid penetration and acceleration

Equipment lubrication, improve the efficiency of textile equipment.

4. Environmentally friendly

Spinning oil not only has advantages in improving fiber quality and production efficiency, but also has great contributions in environmental friendliness. It uses non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free production process, will not cause any harm to the environment. In addition, the spinning oil does not produce any harmful substances during use, and has no side effects on the health of employees and consumers.

5. Usage method

The use of spinning oil is very simple, usually by spraying or drip. First, the spinning oil is fully shaken to ensure that the oil is evenly mixed; Then, use a sprayer or drop tube to evenly spray or drop the spinning oil on the key parts of the textile equipment, and finally, according to the use of the equipment, timely add the spinning oil to maintain the lubrication effect.

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