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What are textile auxiliaries? Find out about it!
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Textile auxiliaries are indispensable chemicals in the process of textile production and processing. They play an important role in improving the quality and added value of textile products. Textile auxiliaries can not only give textiles a variety of special functions and styles, such as softness, wrinkle, shrink, waterproof, antibacterial, antistatic, flame retardant, etc., but also improve the dyeing and finishing process, saving energy and reducing processing costs. According to the processing steps and uses, textile auxiliaries can be divided into printing and dyeing pretreatment agent, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and finishing agent three categories.

Printing and dyeing pretreatment agent: including penetrant, wetting agent, emulsifier, cleaning agent, etc. Penetrants increase the permeability of fiber materials, wetting agents reduce the surface tension of water, emulsifiers mix water and oil, and cleaning agents remove impurities and stains from fabric surfaces.

Printing and dyeing auxiliaries: chemicals added during the dyeing process to help the dye fix to the fiber and improve the dyeing effect. Including water softener, chelating dispersant, etc., water softener removes calcium, magnesium and other metal ions in water, and chelating dispersant separates metal ions from dyes to avoid affecting the dyeing effect.

Finishing agent: through physical and chemical processing to improve the appearance and internal quality of textiles, improve the feel, stabilize the form, improve the wear performance or give the textile some special functions.

In addition, there are special silicone printing and dyeing auxiliaries, such as silicone softener, fluorine-free water repellent, anti-wrinkle finishing agent, etc. These auxiliaries are widely used in cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other fibers finishing, giving fabrics a variety of excellent properties.

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