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What is the performance of spinning oil?
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Overview of polypropylene pre-spinning oil:

Polypropylene pre-spinning oil: Polypropylene pre-spinning oil has good smoothness, antistatic properties and cohesion. The oil agent has good wetting properties, even oiling and stable spinnability. Polypropylene pre-spun oil is also suitable for the processing and weaving of 68D-2000D polypropylene pre-spun multifilament yarn, textured yarn (including false twist and steam, air jet texturing, hollow fiber) and special-shaped yarn.

Performance indicators of polypropylene pre-spinning oil products:

1. Appearance: light yellow or colorless transparent liquid;

2. Effective substance: ≥90%;

3.PH value: 7~8 (1% aqueous solution);

4. Stability: 10% aqueous solution will not stratify when stored at 15-30°C for one week.

Characteristics and functions of polypropylene pre-spinning oil products:

1. Polypropylene pre-spinning oil and its solution have good stability, are non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating to skin and mucous membranes, and are safe to use.

2. The polypropylene pre-spinning oil has good smoothness and antistatic properties, less breakage of the draft yarn, less fuzz, and good luster of the draft yarn;

3. The cohesion of the polypropylene front spinning oil is suitable, the winding drum is well formed, and the draft yarn has good unwinding properties;

4. Polypropylene front spinning oil has good heat resistance and strong oxidation resistance. It does not smoke or coke during hot drawing, and the processed fiber does not turn yellow;

5. Improve the balance and adjustment of fiber:

1) Increase the softness of the fiber and improve the feel of the product;

2) Improve the dust-proof and anti-wrinkle function of the product to ensure the whiteness of the fiber;

3) Improve the antioxidant properties of the product;

4) Improve the tensile and tensile strength of the fiber;

6. The polypropylene pre-spinning oil agent has no corrosion to metal, and due to the high strength of the oil film, it has good lubrication for metal equipment;